Everything you need to prepare for LITE Fest 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my child registered for LITE Fest?
Registration is strictly done through participating schools and student organizations.  Students are selected to participate in this event based on academic achievement, merit and behavior identified by their school.

Is LITE Fest a ticketed event?
Yes, each student that is selected to attend will receive a ticket.  Their parent or guardian has also submitted the required registration information.  There will not be any admittance into the event without a ticket.

What can LITE Fest attendees expect?
This is an outdoor event with several hours ( 6 hours) of fun prior to the fireworks finale!  The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy will provide a variety of food and beverage options via food trucks.  Restrooms will also be provided.

What time is the fireworks show expected to start?
The 2019 Ford Fireworks show is expected to begin at 9:55 PM on June 24th.  

What activities will be at LITE Fest?
There will be several activities for students to participate in such as carnival games, art & crafts, obstacle course and a few other surprises.

How will our student families get ticket package?
The tickets will be provided to school or organization for pickup.

Do I need money at LITE Fest?
No, LITE Fest is an all inclusive private event.

Will parking be available at West Riverfront Park?
No, parking is NOT allowed at the park.  

How will attendees access West Riverfront Park for LITE Fest?
Round trip transportation will be provided for all guests. Registered and confirmed guests will receive parking details and instructions via their credential package.

What if a student is no longer able to attend?
Unfortunately, the reservation would be cancelled and the ticket is NOT transferable. In the event where your student can no longer attend, the parent/guardian should notify us via the website contact page.  

During LITE Fest are in/out privileges to West Riverfront Park allowed?
No, once guest arrive and enter the park for the event there will NOT be any re-admittance if guests leave the park.  

What social media handles and hashtags can I use when posting about LITE Fest?
Instagram: @LITEfestDetroit | @detroitriverfront | #LITEfestDetroit | #FordFireworks

What may I bring to LITE Fest?
Please refer to the list below of items allowed and NOT allowed.

DRFC Logo color.jpg

DRFC will not be responsible for any personal belongings brought onto West Riverfront Park grounds.

What may I bring to LITE Fest?  The following items are ALLOWED at LITE Fest:

  • Travel folding chairs (bag style)

  • Sunscreen

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes (shorts, t-shirts, hats, visors, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, swim suits and etc)

  • Lawn blankets and beach towels

  • Mosquito repellant

  • Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Soft coolers (bag style)

  • Personal snacks

The following items are NOT ALLOWED at LITE Fest:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Glass of any kind

  • Weapons of any kind (Firearms, Knives, Pocket knives, Box cutters, Scissors and etc)

  • Barbecue grills

  • Animals (except certified service animals to aid guests with disabilities)

  • Fireworks (sparklers, firecrackers, M-80's, smoke bombs, poppers, snaps, snakes and etc)

  • Illegal substances

  • Traditional Coolers

  • Laser pointers

  • Offensive or profane messages, images, signs and clothing